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A Note from Deborah Grate Bennett

"Through Blinded by Colors, I want readers to visualize how closeness with family members can help each person feel self worth. I want to illustrate how our misconceptions about people can often lead to prejudice, which can then often be classified as racism. We as humans sometimes take a few actions of a person toward someone from a different background and create our own explanation for the person's behavior. When in actuality, the person assumes a distant stance because he or she is not familiar with the unknown; the unknown being someone from a different background. However, the world is very diverse, and we must begin to discover life from other people’s point of view; therefore, expanding our knowledge to a wide ray of relevant information we would not have known about if we had just stayed in our comfortable vicinity. We all need to reflect on humanity and become aware of the forces that cause us to be untrue. Everybody has their own identity and their own inner strength to help themselves as well as others triumph over forceful impacts in life. No matter what areas and boundaries one must cross, the ultimate strength is based on the perception of life and human relations because everyone is a conqueror at heart."


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 Deborah Grate Bennett
April 14, 2011