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Rhonda Adamson

109 Luce Street

Dalzell, IL 61320



ISBN:  1-4137-9463-7

Available from the following websites:, ,,  

Novel by Deborah Grate Frink


Blinded by Colors by Deborah Grate Frink tells a conflicting story of kindness and racism in Mayfield, South Carolina.  Within the fabric of a loving, large family, Lynn exhibits racial equality’s dawning. A young girl named Lynn finds friendship with Johnny, in spite of racial barriers. Mr. Frank, Johnny’s father, conducts himself as “a man of the night”.  He forbids Lynn and Johnny’s friendship, until he stops being blinded by colors.

The color blindfold gets removed several times when Lynn and others show kindness to “neighbors”.  As my tears dried after reading this story, I asked myself, “Have I done enough to stop people from being blinded by colors?”


Rhonda Adamson, author of A Thick Slab of Poppy Seed Bread,   

Member: New Christian Writers Association            

Tona Cook

Carolina Forest Elementary School

5th Grade Teacher

285 Carolina Forest Boulevard

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579




ISBN:  1-4137-9463-7

Available from the following websites:,,, 

Novel by Deborah Grate Frink


The novel, Blinded by Colors by Deborah Grate Frink, made me feel right at home. I saw many people that I knew (of both races) in it. The book needed to be written and published. I love the dialect, the characters, and the issues. Actually, I loved everything. All I can say is WOW! The subject matter of the book may be touchy and may even make some people feel uncomfortable, but these are the scenes that really MAKE the book.

  Your outstanding novel, Blinded By Colors hooked me from the beginning. I simply couldn't put it down. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of reading it before it was published. Now that it's on the stands at Barnes and Nobles, I must simply purchase it and have you sign it for me to add into my collection.
          The scenes made me feel like I was standing right there along side the characters in the novel. It was truly the voice and dialect of these characters that make this book come so alive.Thank God people like you do make a difference in this world, one day at a time, like Oprah! It would make an awesome screen play. I am looking forward to reading your next marvelous novel. I hear through the grapevine you are just as outstanding in the class room, teaching our next generation. I am proud of you!
Carolyn Harrelson Buckley
     Pelican Writers
Myrtle Beach,South Carolina

A reviewer, an elementary school teacher, May 1, 2006, 5 out of 5 stars
Excellent Book
Blinded by Colors is an awesome book for young readers. I really enjoyed reading it. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I could actually picture the story in my mind. I look forward to reading many more books by Deborah Grate Frink.
A reviewer, a reading activist, December 2, 2005, 5 out of 5 stars
Find Your Inner Strength to Excel
Blinded by Colors addresses many issues children and grown ups often face. The young characters must endure stereotypes as they strive to remain true to themselves. The scenes are straightforward, thus allowing readers to feel the emotions, or visualize the expressions of each character. In the event, they become a part of the story, connecting it to their every day lives. The underlying theme, friends are invaluable, carries readers through time, recapturing the special moments shared between a loved one and them. The lively scenes will engross readers and the emotional turmoil will reawaken their memories to the time they once needed support to cope with the realities of life. Deborah Grate Frink uses her experiences as a teacher to recall the time when adults were once 'in the age of innocence.'
Ada Wright - Middle School Teacher 
     Blinded by Colors is about rural day to day life in the South after the Supreme Court's Decision of Brown v. Board of Education (1954), and the aftermath of what African Americans had to do in order to help some White people understand that the issue is  not the color of one's skin, but we all should be judged based upon the content of our character. Today, we must still be very much aware of how we see each other. Yes! See color, but get to learn or know the inside and heart  of that person.
     I enjoy this book except for the part when Lynn gets hit  by a White man and her father could not defend her. A parent is suppose to keep his child safe, and he could not keep her safe from such an attack.
7th grade student from Loris Middle School 
     Blinded by Colors is about this little girl name Lynn and they were poor. They had to work in the fields all the time. Then Lynn met this boy name Johnny. Lynn and Johnny had a perfect hideout that they will go to. Lynn will come home late and she will get in trouble. One day when mama went shopping and when she came back home, the house was on fire. They had to stay with a friend of Mama name Mrs. Margaret.
     I like the book because it tells when they were little. I also like the author and it has a lot of sad things inside of it. I also like this book because it has a lot of real, interesting things in it. In the book, the family spent a lot of time together. Lynn also got a long with everybody and I like to get along with people, too.

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