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Why was Johnny significant to the story?
Johnny’s role was to aid Lynn in the development of self-confidence. He showed her that money was not the answer to all her problems. Neither was it the object of satisfaction. He was a rich, white boy who had everything in the palm of his hand, but he was still missing something. In life, there are many Johnny’s who are trapped inside the mind that he or even she is too valuable to associate with the so-called inferior people. Whether that Johnny deals with the color issue, social status problems, or stereotypical belief between boys and girls, the fact that he must hide his true feelings to blend in with the norm remains. Who are we to determine what sort of people a person can only associate with or which type of behavior is only used to distinguish a certain group of people? All of us share some things alike, and that itself can never be replaced, nor can one be forced to “act their race” because what defines the actions of a race. We have to look beyond materialistic things and find value in people. Lynn’s family reactions to a White boy in their midst shows that prejudice can be displayed on both sides of the color border, and it is all stimulated from fear of not knowing what to expect, how to feel, or even what to say in their presence. Johnny shows how often times black families shy away from other cultures as well. Because the family did not know that much about him, other than he is the farm owner’s son, they struggle with the distinctiveness of him, and that frightens them. It was not the fear that he was White; it was the fear of what capabilities he possessed. They never once took the time to find out Johnny’s reason for being among them. It was Lynn who provided Johnny with unconditional love through a family structure he longed to have, and Johnny in return anchors the raging storms inside of her through their make believed world; thus strengthening her to rise above oppression through an equally balanced friendship. Johnny, as well as Lynn, encourages readers to communicate with, listen to, and accompany someone in order to understand him or her. The cover of the book can not tell the story within it, just like the outside of people can not reveal the capabilities of them. Amity is deeply rooted within the two friends and goes far beyond their sight. Both of them disown the fixed ideas held by their family and allow love to shatter the walls of fear to see inside the heart, so they can stop being blinded by colors. The beauty of friendship grows as we find comfort and support in people instead of trying to find reasons not to trust them. The outer appearance can not speak for the heart. Through Johnny, I can cover my eyes, and listen to the words from his soul.

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 Deborah Grate Bennett
April 14, 2011